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How to Fix an Eero Blinking White Light ?

25 Mar 2022
Tepkime puanı

İtibar Puanı:

Whenever you are experiencing an light, it usually means one of two things: your device is failing to connect to the internet, or it has encountered some sort of connection issue. In either case, you will need to contact your service provider to get it fixed. If you are unable to fix this problem, you can try to contact your service provider and have them activate the services for you.

If the blinking white light appears on your Eero router, you have two options. If the device isn’t updated, you should contact the manufacturer and ask them to repair the device. If the router is under warranty, you can ask them to replace it. If they are not able to repair the issue, you can contact customer support for a replacement. In both cases, you need to follow the same steps to fix the problem.

The first option is to hard reset the device. This will erase all settings and your Eero will need to be reconfigured again. If you are using a mobile app, open it and press the reset button for 15 seconds. The blue LED should flash once and then go off. Then, you can start reconfiguring your device. If the white light is still blinking, you should try a soft reset. To do this, you need to press the reset button on your Eero for five to ten seconds. A yellow LED will light up and you can then follow the instructions in the app to save your settings.
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