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Back İle İlgili İngilizce Cümleler

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İçinde Back olan İngilizce Cümle Örnekleri

Back sözcüğü İngilizce bir sözcük olup anlamı “Geri, Arka”. İngilizce öğrenme konusunda pratik yapmak istiyorsanız bu örnekleri incelemenizi öneririm. Aşağıda Back (Geri, Arka) ile ilgili cümle örnekleri bulunmakta. Eğer Back (Geri, Arka) ile ilgili bildiğiniz cümle örnekleri varsa lütfen bizlerle paylaşın. Unutmayın ki bilgi paylaştıkça çoğalır.

Back (Geri, Arka) Hakkında İngilizce Cümleler

I advised him to come back at once.
I carried the heavy bag on my back.
I have a bad pain in my lower back.
Let’s wait here till he comes back.
Should I wait for her to come back?
The results will be back in a week.
Mary stared back at him in surprise.
She advised him to come back at once.
I forgot the key and went back for it.
Mike got back from the library at five.
What time do you think he’ll come back?
By the time you come back, I’ll be gone.
I shouldn’t have to ever come back here.
I’d like you to put me back on the list.
I’ll bring the book back to you tomorrow.
I’ll have her call you when she gets back.
That customer came back to complain again.
By the time you get back, she’ll have left.
I don’t know when my father will come back.
Dick promised to come back by three o’clock.
I haven’t been back here since the incident.
I think it’s time for me to go back to work.
She was advised by him to come back at once.
That picture brought back a lot of memories.
back in those days, I loved to play checkers.
She was ready to give him back all his money.
She’ll tell him about it when she comes back.
Do you think I’m too old to go back to school?
He said that he would come back here tomorrow.
I’ll call you back when I get to the bus stop.
I have to go shopping. I’ll be back in an hour.
The doctor advised him to cut back on drinking.
We took a back road to avoid the heavy traffic.
I gave her my word I would be back home by nine.
You shouldn’t talk back to your parents like that.
Let’s leave things as they are until he comes back.
Tom came on Monday and went back home the next day.
Tom came on Monday and went back home the following day.
I complained, but they refused to take this sweater back.
I haven’t been back here since that unfortunate incident.
I owe Mary some money and must pay her back by next Monday.
The radio station came back on the air shortly after the storm.
You can go out, as long as you promise to be back by 11 o’clock.
She owes him a lot of money, but she probably won’t be able to pay it back.
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